Washington State

Washington State Opens Door to Tax Gun Ownership Out of Existence

Washington State has long been the home for the fringiest of the left fringe to try out the fringiest of left fringe attempts to use the power of the coercive enterprise’s guns to force people to behave like the good little progressives they imagine, deep down, we all want to be. Thanks to a convoluted…

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Forget North Korea, America Is Already Quietly Nuking Itself

While senior U.S. officials led by President Trump and media pundits sound the alarm over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, America has been dealing with a series of nuclear leaks domestically that are already exposing the public to radioactive material. The most recent case is in Washington State, where a radioactive leak at the Hanford Site nuclear facility that began on June 8 was…

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At Least 1 Arrested as Free Speech Rally at Evergreen College Sees Counter-Protests

Police arrested at least one person at a free speech rally organized to oppose political correctness at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington. Clashes marked the gathering, as black-clad counter-protesters arrived with silly string and pepper spray. Riot police flanked protesters from both sides of the political spectrum gathered at The Evergreen State College, as the…

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