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Dramatic Moment Car Looks Set to RAM Trump’s Motorcade as It Flies out of Nearby Woods After the Brakes Failed

An out-of-control car has been filmed ploughing from woodland just yards from President Donald Trump’s motorcade in dramatic footage. Shocking video shows the white vehicle appear suddenly from woodland as the heavily-guarded commander-in-chief passed by. Read the entire article and watch the video… Delivered by The Daily Sheeple We encourage you to share and republish our…

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Video: Man Arrested for Drawing and Buying People’s Blood in DC Apartment

Here’s a bizarre story out of D.C. A police affidavit says officers saw people – described as “habitual substance abusers” –  lined up in front of an apartment building on Wednesday. But they weren’t there to buy drugs. They were there to sell their blood. Khoa Hoang Nguyen was paying people $30 to draw samples of…

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