College Offers ‘Cultural Dogs’ And ‘American Whiteness’ Classes

An Iowa college is set to offer classes on “American Whiteness” and “Dogs, Identities, & Culture,” according to its fall 2017 course catalog. Feminist ethnographer and professor Karla Erickson will teach “American Whiteness,” aimed at examining “whiteness as a specific racial formation with a distinct history, proactive and defensive politics, and institutional and personal investments,” according to the course catalog.…

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College Holds Class Only White People Can Attend To Learn How To Stop Being Racist

Loyola University Chicago is revamping a program that teaches white people how to rid themselves of their racism. Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, the program, launched three years ago for students who identified as white and wanted to cure themselves of their “white privilege,” the College Fix reported Thursday. “The Committee members who lead the workshops are identified as…

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