1911-22 Lock-Pro Holster Black


1911-22 Lock-Pro Holster Black

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Rifles and shotguns have slings, pistols have holsters. Holsters aren’t just convenient, they are a safety aid. A good holster, like our Lock-Pro Holster, will keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction and protect the firing mechanisms from being accidentally (or negligently) being manipulated. Whether you are carrying a pistol while camping in the mountains, or teaching your kids to shoot out in the boonies, keep your pistol close and your hands free.

Made in the USA


– Material: Polymer
– Color: Black
– Holster Material: Polymer
– Holster Closure: Friction
– Holster Attachments: Belt Loop:Tec Lok
– Weight: 12.8 oz

HazMat: NA

Restricted Areas:  

Unit Quantity: 1

HazMat (see hazmat codes):NA

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