4750 Ranger Triad Ankle Holster


4750 Ranger Triad RH Walther

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Bianchi’s Triad ankle holster, as its name implies, features three unique features that help overcome some of the challenges of ankle carry. First, the back of the holster has an Achilles arch that helps keep the holster in position on the ankle. Next, the detachable ankle pad can be positioned for maximum comfort no matter what size ankle you have. And lastly, yet perhaps most importantly, is the compression strap designed to pull the butt of the gun in tight against the calf for a low profile and to keep the weapon securely against the leg during vigorous activity.


– Adjustable ankle pad can be custom positioned over anklebone
– Ankle pad cushion is removable for easy cleaning and airing
– Elasticized retention strap with easy pull tab
– Innovative tri-strap design offers adjustability to fit virtually any ankle securely and comfortably
– Unique, contouring center compression strap pulls butt of gun snugly against calf


– Material: Nylon
– Color: Black
– Finish: Plain
– Hand: Right


– Beretta .22 Short, 950, 2.36″ Barrel
– Beretta .22 Short, 950, 3.75″ Barrel
– Beretta .25 ACP, 950, 2.36″ Barrel
– Beretta .25 ACP, 950, 3.75″ Barrel
– Colt .22 LR, Huntsman, 4.5″ Barrel
– Colt .380 ACP, Pony, 2.75″ Barrel
– Colt .380 ACP, Government .380, 3.25″ Barrel
– Sig Sauer .32 ACP, P230, 3.6″ Barrel
– Sig Sauer .380 ACP, P230 P232, 3.6″ Barrel
– Sig Sauer 9x18mm Police, P230, 3.6″ Barrel
– Walther .32 ACP, PPK / PPK/S, 3.35″ Barrel
– Walther .32 ACP, PP, 3.86″ Barrel
– Walther .380 ACP, PPK/S, 3.3″ Barrel
– Walther .380 ACP, PPK / PPK/S, 3.35″ Barrel
– Walther .380 ACP, PP, 3.86″ Barrel

In accordance with the provisions of the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the product is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. Should the product prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair.
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