Electronic EM 4-24 Muffs


Spypoint Electronic Ear Muffs 4-24,Camo

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The amplified ear-muffs allow hunters to benefit from an isolation which permits them to be highly concentrated during a shooting situation.


– Independent volume control on each side (On/Off)
– Hearing protection
– Automatically blocks sounds over 85dB
– Adjustable padded headband
– Included: 4 x AAA batteries


– Color: Camo
– Number of Microphone: 4 microphones
– Hearing enhancement: 8 Times
– Sound Amplification type: Stereo
– Memory/Power:
Power: 4 alkaline AAA batteries (included)
– Others:
Jack: Plug in for external microphone

HazMat: NA

Restricted Areas:  

Unit Quantity: 1

HazMat (see hazmat codes):NA

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Dimensions 9.75 x 8 x 4 in