Model 161 Crossbow Package with 1.5-5x32mm Scope Black


Zero 7-Model 161,350fps,RCD,Scp,3 Arrws

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Giving hunters Browning crossbow performance at a great price, the Browning ZERO 7 Model 161 Crossbow Package gets hunters well equipped for the season. Ready to go right out of the box, this deadly crossbow comes fully assembled and ready to hunt. This high performance crossbow launches arrows at speeds up to 350 fps with a hard hitting 109′ lbs. of kinetic energy upon impact. Easy-to-handle design cocks easily with a 135 lb. draw weight and built-in Crank Cocking Device that stores in the top of the stock. A lightweight 7.2 lb. design, this crossbow is just 19.875″ wide and 36.75″ long for easy handling in tight hunting spots. Equipped with a built-in nock sensor, the Triggertech ADF trigger releases with a pull of just 3 lbs. for smooth and repeatable shots. Frictionless Release Technology enables this advanced trigger to break like glass with zero creep. 3 picatinny rails on the sides and belly of the stock provide a spot for accessories in front of the soft touch foregrip. Flight track hook groove ensures a consistent and even draw through the crossbow’s entire power stroke for enhanced accuracy and consistency. Forged magnesium riser. Custom laminated limbs. Noise- and vibration-reducing soft sound string suppressors. Power stroke: 14.625″. Package includes: Cross 4x32mm Illuminated Scope, quiver, three 22″ carbon arrows, and crank cocking device.


– Buckmark performance at a great price for crossbow hunters
– Arrives ready to hunt – fully assembled
– Powerful – 350 fps with 109′ lbs. of kinetic energy
– 135 lb. draw weight
– Built-in Crank Cocking Device – stores in the top of the stock
– Just 36.75″Lx19.875″W – easy handling in tight hunting spots
– Triggertech ADF trigger – crisp break, light 3 lb. pull, zero creep
– 3 picatinny rails
– Flight track hook groove – even draw through entire power stroke, greater accuracy
– Soft sound string suppressors


– Cross 4x32mm Illuminated Scope
– Quiver
– Three 22″ carbon arrows
– Crank cocking device


– Color: Black
– Length: 36.75″
– Weight: 7.2 lbs.
– Draw Weight: 135 lbs.
– Sights: 4×32 Illuminated Scope
– Power Stroke: 14.625″
– Crossbow Speed: 350 Feet Per Second
– Axle to Axle Width: 21.875″
– Kinetic Energy: 108.8 Foot Pounds
– Cocking Device: Rope Cocker

HazMat: NA

Restricted Areas:  

Unit Quantity: 1

HazMat (see hazmat codes):NA

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Weight 12.2 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 12.25 × 8 in