Practical Basket Hilt Blade


Practical Basket Hilt Broadsword

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he Practical Mortuary Hilt and Practical Basket-Hilt swords are built for the re-enactor. The baskets are identical to the edged versions, but the blades are unsharpened, with 1/16 safety edges and rounded tips, complying with the combat rules of many re-enactment societies. The blades are crafted in 1065 high-carbon steel, hardened to 50HRC, which reduces edge-notching to acceptable levels while providing resilience and protection against brittleness. The scabbards are finished in matte black, ready for owner customization if desired.


– Made for the re-enactor
– Authentic look and feel
– Complies with safety requirements


– Overall length: 38 1/8″
– Blade length: 31 3/4″
– Handle length: 6 1/2″
– Weight: 2lb
– Point of Balance: 5″
– Point of Percussion: 20″
– Width at Guard: 1.67″
– Width at Tip: .73″
– Thickness at Guard: .23″
– Thickness at Tip: .15″

HazMat: NA

Restricted Areas:  

Unit Quantity: 1

HazMat (see hazmat codes):NA

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Weight 5.15 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 7 × 6 in